Chapel window, exterior view
Crucifixion Window|     |  Chapel window, exterior view

  • Crucifixion Window: View of the Chapel interior with reflection
  • Crucifixion Window: Window view under different light conditions
  • Crucifixion Window: Chapel window, exterior view
  • Crucifixion Window: Detail with tree branches behind
  • Crucifixion Window: Model suspended during photo shoot

I wanted to create a window that would depict the crucifixion in a way relevant to our time, use color in a harmonious manner and, if possible, allow views of the outside. As important as these aims, was the request that the window create a sense of hope. Thus the window can be understood in two different ways: one being the contemplation of the physical pain and suffering of Christ, the other being the experience of the eternal light and hope that He promised.

A young man in his thirties served as a model, and the resulting photographic image of his ‘crucifixion’ serves as the central focus of this version of the time-honored theme. However, the layering and etching of clear glasses create a new experience of light and suggest a dialogue between the material and the ephemeral, the physical and the metaphysical, the profane and the sacred. The result is not an opaque window, nor a totally transparent one, but rather a magically suspended veil of light interlaced with subtle rainbow colors, accentuating the essence of the theme.

Emmaus Chapel Window, Church of Saint John the Divine, Victoria, BC, Canada
Lutz Haufschild
Three layers of float and beveled glass, laminated